Why you should use ambitionprofile

Ambitionprofile is a screening tool that divides high performers into four different personas. Using our personas is a great way of understanding and changing dynamics in a workplace to reduce stress & burnout, increase efficiency and create a more sustainable work environment.

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“In a perfect world, firms would invest some more time and energy in looking for the traits in young lawyers that they think will make them successful in their firm, rather than relying on overwhelmingly the school the student went to and the grades the student received.”

David N. Yellen, dean of Loyola University of Chicago School of Law

Meet our personas

Our personas describe the characteristics of perfectionists. This distinction does not exist in today’s recruitment or talent management processes. It is the biggest reason for lower team efficiency, high economical cost, and human suffering due to stress and burnout that companies face today. 

Get to know
Accurate Alex

Hi! I’m Accurate Alex. I work really hard. Sometimes too hard – with little regard for my health. Thus, I’m a very ambitious person.

Accurate Alex is driven and ambitious, but often struggle with proper pacing. There is constantly something else to achieve.

Speeding up is second nature to Alex, while slowing down, reflecting and changing direction goes against all instincts to excel and perform.

Performance is something deeply personal for Alex. There is this tendency to conflate the quality of one’s work to one’s self-worth. For Alex, failing to perform equals failure as a person. This fuels Alex’s ambition and commitment but also creates problems for them by not setting boundaries between his work and personal life, overworking and pushing themselves too hard. When they experience a setback or a mistake at work, the natural thing to do is to blame themselves and start the self-doubt game. As a consequence, their performance and well-being can be negatively affected.

Work Life Balance

The blurred line between work and personal life is why Accurate Alex needs a structured work environment and a supportive manager.

Ideal Working Conditions

Encouraging feedback, reliable support, and a low frequency of stressful projects will provide optimal working conditions for Accurate Alex.

“As Kim’s manager you need to encourage and communicate clearly and bring clarity to short- as well as long-term goals”


Often positive feedback is met with confusion, since it does not line up with Alex’s doubting self-image.


Many smart, ambitious, and successful people are Accurate Alexes. They can realize their full potential with the proper support. Helping Alex manage their level of ambition and acknowledge their successes will enable a more sustainable degree of ambition, better performance and greater levels of well-being to emerge.

Manager Support

One way to keep Alex refocused on his/her work is to have a proactive manager who sets his/her priorities. Getting help managing the current workload will allow Alex to finish assignments in a timely fashion, since they can simply say “no” if they do not want to take on additional projects.

Want to know what persona you are?

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