The science that focuses on individual stress levels.

Let your employees lead the way to reduce costs and increase holistic well-being.

With modern psychometry, we help our clients quickly, easily, and cost-effectively to identify the approximately 15% who are at risk of burnout and be able to make targeted interventions in time.

Use our test and individual reports to reduce both human suffering and the total direct and indirect costs associated with stress. In addition, the return on investment (ROI) for the organization’s preventive efforts increases due to improved accuracy.

Our test is based on a generally recognized research tradition that goes back 50 years. Performance, self-esteem, mental health and stress are variables of central relevance in this body of knowledge. We have applied all this data to a new arena – the workplace.

To protect our business model, we do not share the source code of our assessment publicly. However, we share what we can in individual dialogue on a need-to-know basis. We often ask for an NDA to be signed.

We always welcome partnerships and research collaborations to enhance, and clarify, empirically improve understanding of our test. Get in touch for more information.
With our unique methodology, which is based on the individual’s psychological profile linked to stress, we strengthen the ability of managers, teams, and employees to successfully handle rapidly changing and demanding work environments, thereby contributing to the well-being and high performance of organizations.


The first step is to map individual burnout tolerance within your organization, we test everyone at your company.


When the mapping is done, you will easily see who is at risk of burnout.


Book workshops for the teams that are in most need of first aid and long-term solutions from us.


Everyone that we mapped will get reports from us and receive continuing follow-up to reduce stress levels long-term.

Let´s break it down in four steps.

This is how you change your burnout numbers at work and make your colleagues feel like they can handle stress levels in a good way

One test & one tool to rule them all.

It’s easy to work with us, and you will get a full DNA of stress levels and a comprehensive view gathered for you to make good decisions for the well-being of your organization.


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