Meet our personas.

Our personas describe the characteristics of your team. Using these personas, you will achieve more team efficiency, cut significant costs, and reduce human suffering due to stress and burnout.

Hi there!
I'm Accurate Alex.

I work really hard. Sometimes too hard – with little regard for my health. Thus, I’m a very ambitious person.

ambitionprofile accurate alex slim characters rgb

Accurate Alex is driven and ambitious, but often struggle with proper pacing. There is constantly something else to achieve.

Speeding up is second nature to Alex, while slowing down, reflecting and changing direction goes against all instincts to excel and perform.

Performance is something deeply personal for Alex. There is this tendency to conflate the quality of one’s work to one’s self-worth. For Alex, failing to perform equals failure as a person. This fuels Alex’s ambition and commitment but also creates problems for them by not setting boundaries between their work and personal life, overworking and pushing themselves too hard. When they experience a setback or a mistake at work, the natural thing to do is to blame themselves and start the self-doubt game. As a consequence, their performance and well-being can be negatively affected.

Hola, I’m
Ambitious Kim.

I’m undoubtedly motivated, but sometimes some nagging self-confidence may complicate my self-leadership, such as saying no when the plate is already full.

ambitionprofile ambitious kim slim characters rgb

Ambitious Kim is usually motivated but sometimes their self-esteem can be less than rock steady. Kim’s performance, though, tends to be satisfactory.

Kim’s tendencies towards performance-based self-esteem can be a definite motivator, but also make it difficult to manage setbacks, work surges, and challenging situations in general. A snag at work can feel like a personal shortcoming, which is not left behind at work at the end of the day. Kim’s weak spots in this regard are most likely more sensitive in certain situations than in others. These, then, are patterns to recognize for Kim, and such recognition will lead to greater psychological flexibility and resilience.

My name is
Achieving Charlie.

I have the capacity and drive and am generally resilient. Still, I could use the time off better – evenings, weekends, vacations – to maximize rest and recovery.

ambitionprofile achieving charlie slim characters rgb

Achieving Charlie thrives when met with motivation, inspiration, and coaching. Charlie likes a measured challenge – to achieve that next level of well-being and performance at work.

When giving feedback to Achieving Charlie, it is important to praise their successes but equally important is to point them towards their opportunities for growth; that balanced mix will keep Charlie engaged when they face particularly demanding situations at work, such as a tricky project.

Balance is key for Charlie; projects that stretch Charlie’s capabilities can be great for their improvement but they should ideally be complemented with other tasks or assignments within their current skill or knowledge level. Similarly, periods of intense work should be followed by recovery intervals to prevent fatigue.

I am Bright Robin.

I give 100%, recognizing that not being successful every single time does not mean that I am an utter failure. Doing your very best is significant enough for me.

ambitionprofile bright robin slim characters rgb

Bright Robin is competitive and ambitious. Robin is always up for a challenge but they are OK with not winning every time. They can always learn from their mistakes and come back stronger.

Robin, however, needs interesting challenges; otherwise Bright Robin can struggle to find motivation. Robin is always making an honest effort, because achieving excellence is a major driving force for them. That is one of Bright Robin’s real strengths.

The ability to do one’s very best and still be able to recognise that there is a difference between the doing and the doer, is one of the hallmarks of Bright Robin. They may have a bad day and fail at some things, but they don’t believe they are a failure or a bad person as a consequence. Their ability to differentiate between what they do and who they are sets them apart from everyone else.

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