With our test you can identify stress years ahead of blood testing and HRV measurements

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Test your organisation in a few hours


Test your staff once a year to see that interventions are working. Ambitionprofile is a self-leadership test that, after you receive your initial report, follows you at your workplace so you continue to develop. Follow the positive progress.

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Analyze and assess your company's results

Ambitionprofile is a SAAS-service which means you can access the test and get your report from any device. It’s an add-on. No implementation or disruption to your current HR-tools! 

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Take action!

With the collective data, you can take action to make a real long term difference on an individual and organizational level. We have established four stresspersonas to make it easier for your colleagues to talk about issues and conflicts. 


The first step is to screen individual stress tolerance within your organization, we test everyone at your company.


When the screening is done, you will easily see who is at risk of burnout. You will also be able to understand if your current strategy is working.


Ambitionprofile is a great conversation-piece. Book workshops for the teams that are in most need of first aid and long-term solutions from us.


Everyone will get reports from us and receive continuing follow-up to reduce stress levels long-term.

Let´s break it down in four steps.

This is how you change perspective from an organizational to a individual. Stress is an individual challenge. You can’t solve it with a organizational perspective.

One test & one tool to rule them all.

We have developed a modern scientifically proven perfectionist test. Our research shows that  perfectionism is the biggest overseen factor to understand mental illness at workplaces.

Read More about the science behind ambitionprofile here:

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