About ambitionprofile

ambitionprofile.com is created by Jens Näsström and Markus Löwegren. The findings of Jens’ studies of stress and burnout in lawyers were so striking that a company was founded. We are convinced stress and burnout can be reduced if we talk about the problem. 

Our Mission

15% of students won't last 2 years at their dream job due to stress and burnout

Our studies show that students in professional programs are already reporting significant stress and burnout before starting working. It is a problem of poor mental health, but there is a taboo to talk about it. If, for example, universities would more readily include personal development, self-leadership, and even therapy, as part of curriculums and extracurricular activities, the world would see much less suffering, and persons and companies would thrive.

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Our idea

We have created a test that spots individual differences in how much effort they have to put in to reach the same goal

Imagine a flock of ducklings in a stream. They all look the same on the surface, but some individuals struggle to keep up with the group. Their effort, their peddling beneath the surface, is invisible. By the end of the day, all ducklings have reached the same destination, but some of the ducklings are noticeably more exhausted. 

This is called “the Stanford Duck Syndrome.” We believe that helping people adjust their self-image and more accurately assess their efforts more realistically when they compare themselves to their peers will generate higher efficiency, work-life balance, and reduced stress for individuals and organizations alike.

What we do

We screen organisations, universities & companies for maladaptive perfectionism

Maladaptive perfectionists (anxious overachievers) run a much greater risk of developing stress and burnout than other high achievers. 

While this is a stable trait, it can effectively be identified with our test, and targeted interventions can help staff members before they develop devastating problems. 

How we can help

By using ambitionprofile.com you will understand who in your organization that need help

We offer a fresh, scientifically grounded perspective on the long-standing challenge of efficacy, stress, and burnout. 

Our tool generates a precise and actionable road map for improving team – and individual – performance and well-being. It also applicable to every stage of the talent management cycle: recruiting, training, succession, and leadership. 

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