One team, different talents.

Stress and burnout are individual challenges. We want to reduce burnout for good by addressing it openly, based on real science.

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Part rebel, part thinkers

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Our Manifesto.

What do you do when you realize that all companies in the world are trying to tackle a problem the wrong way? Well, if you have a rebellious streak, you naturally raise your voice against all those who claim to have services and Big Five tests that counteract burnout in the workplace—and call out the bullshit. No Big Five test in the world can offer long-term solutions.

We want to put an end to this stupidity because we genuinely want people—us, you, your employers, your daughter—everyone—to feel good when going to work.

We are part rebels in the industry and thinkers (yeah, like the little nerd in Silicon Valley). Science has revealed that you are looking at stress and burnout from the wrong angle.

The truth is that the conversation about this significant public health issue has been conducted in the wrong way. As a result, even the so-called “solutions” have been developed on incorrect premises.

Science tells us that the risk of burnout is directly connected to each and every one of us. We all have different ways of handling things, right? That’s why free massages do nothing for you in the long run. But if you understood how people in your organization work, what drives and motivates them, you would know the source of stress and burnout development.

There is an individual difference in our psychological ability to manage stress. However, we also recognize that burnout is a result of a combination of internal and external factors. We are the missing piece of the stress puzzle.

That’s why “Never mind the Big Five” has become one of our favorite expressions when looking at the industry. Only when we dare to have an honest conversation about burnout and stress can we create an inclusive, understanding, and creative workplace for growth. And this applies throughout the organization—from the leadership level to the reception.

We do this to make people feel good in every aspect of life.