How much a bad recruitment costs

Use our recruitment cost calculator to estimate the cost for recruiting the wrong individual. You can also calculate the cost these individuals may have when in a people management position. Those are recruitment costs that will be avoided when using during the recruitment process.

Illustration Cost Bad Recruitment

Organisations almost always underestimate the cost for a wrong recruitment

Talent Management

Specialist are not always good leaders. Use to understand who will be a good manager. This will reduce your cost for a bad recruitment.


Use in recruitment to reduce your cost for a bad recruitment. You will insure that a candidate will be able to manage a group of individuals.

Four different types of ambition

Our personas describe the characteristics of different types of ambitious people. This distinction does not exist in today’s recruitment or talent management processes. It is the biggest reason for lower team efficiency, high economic cost and human suffering due to the stress and burnout that companies face today.

Personas Full Accurate

Accurate Alex

Hi! I’m Accurate, Alex. I work really hard. Sometimes too hard – with little regard for my health. Thus, I’m a very ambitious person.

Personas Full Ambitious Kim Left Square

Ambitious Kim

Hi, I’m Ambitious Kim. I’m undoubtedly motivated, but sometimes some nagging self-confidence may complicate my self-leadership, such as saying no when the plate is already full.

Personas Full Achieving Charlie Right Square

Achieving Charlie

Hi! My name is Achieving Charlie. I have the capacity and drive and am generally resilient. Still, I could use the time off better – evenings, weekends, vacations – to maximize rest and recovery.

Personas Full Bright Robin Left Square

Bright Robin

Hi! I’m Bright Robin. I give 100%, recognizing that not being successful every single time does not mean that I am an utter failure. Doing your very best is significant enough for me.

*Differences are to be viewed as statistically verified potential.