Because everyone manages stress differently.

We have created a new and uniquely innovative way to map and work with stress within organizations. It’s mind-blowing, based on science – like jumping out of a plane and landing with the whole team on your feet.

Stress management in four.

Stress and burnout are not entirely on you as a CEO or HR function, so don’t blame yourself. Stress is, in fact, an individual challenge that demands individual solutions. With the well-being of your employees, you can get a much better effect with the same budget, approximately 85%, with targeted, preventative, and holistic interventions.

Accurate Alex.

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Ambitious Kim.

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Achieving Charlie.

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Bright Robin.

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A great a tool for HR

Build a strong management team with us. Mapping your organization’s stress DNA helps you understand how to establish sustainable, high-performing teams

Use the map as a coach

When you know your team on a deeper level, you know exactly what they need from you in terms of leadership to reduce stress levels. With us, you can easily tailor a plan.

Use the map for efficiency

Become aware of why your teams are underperforming. With us, you can better match team members based on resilience, creating excellence.

Use the map to reduce burnout

Not all individuals are equally equipped to handle pressure. Get to know your team members and help each other to tackle stress efficiently .

What do science nerds from Sweden know about stress?

A lot! Because we have done our research right. We want to reduce burnout for good – by talking about it for real – based on science.

Never mind the big five.

We have better science. Better process. Better fit with modern work life. Better usability.  Improves leadership and self-leadership. Creates sustainable teams.

Show people what they can change.

Comfort zones

We behave differently when facing the same task. We do so to stay within our comfort zone for as long as we can, often demanding others to approach the task in the way we want, in order to feel safe within the comfort zone.

Conflict zones

Team member ‘A’ can only perform with clear instructions; if instructions are vague, it creates anxiety. Team member ‘B’ gets motivated when the company’s vision aligns with their own and a manager trusts them to solve the work at stake, detailed instructions are demotivating. These two personality clashes result in stress and burnout within the team.

Communication zones

Our mapping provides self-awareness. Suddenly, it becomes easy to see what triggers stress in yourself and your colleagues. The results open up opportunities for communication and actions for well-being at work

Keep the band together.

Give your employees the right tool to handle stress levels on their own and as a team. Let them do the work – that’s when the magic happens.

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