Use ambitionprofile to create a sustainable workplace

Ambitionprofile is a screening tool that divides high performers into four different personas. By using our personas you will gain a greater understanding and be able to change dynamics in a workplace to reduce stress & burnout, increase efficiency and create a more sustainable work environment.

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Talent Management

With ambitionprofile you get great guide-lines to improve efficiency, work life balance and reduce stress in your organisation. Lets create a sustainable work environment that gets the best out of everyone! 

Great tool for HR

Build a strong management with ambitionprofile. Individuals that struggles on our test will not be able to become good managers.

Support for managers

ambitionprofile helps Managers understand their team members better and make a tailored plan of how to get the best out of everyone.

Increase team efficiency

Become aware of why teams are under-performing. Use ambitionprofile to match team members by resilience to create excellence.

Reduce burnout in teams

Not all are equally equipped to handle pressure. Get to know your team members and understand who are leaders and who is struggling to keep up.

Step 1

Send out survey

Easy to use survey tool, just import contacts and send out the survey. User responds from smartphone or web.

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Step 2

Powerful reporting

Understand team dynamics. Get insights of what will happen with potential efficiency when you build teams based on our personas.

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Step 3

Individual reporting

Burnout & Stress can be avoided if managers understands individual needs of team members. We deliver reporting with best practices of how to get the most out of everyone. Use ambitionprofile to create healthy success.

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“Ambitionprofile is a really interesting new test. They are spot on the problem we face everyday with stress, burnout and efficiency. I would recommend everyone to start working seriously with these questions. We use way to much resources on these questions today”

Helene Ekelund, CHRO Klarna

Four different types of ambition

Our personas describes characteristics of different type of ambitious people. This distinction does not exist in todays recruitment or talent management processes. It is the biggest reason for lower team efficiency, high economical cost as well as human suffering due to stress and burnout that companies face today. 

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Accurate Alex

Hi! I’m Accurate Alex. I work really hard. In fact, sometimes too hard – with little regard for my own health. Thus, I’m a very ambitious person.

Compared to average

14% Higher risk for burnouts

8% Less Work-life balance

9% Less Efficient

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Ambitious Kim

Hi I’m Ambitious Kim. I’m surely motivated, but sometimes a bit of nagging self-confidence may complicate my self-leadership, such as saying no when the plate is already full.

Compared to average

11% Higher risk for burnouts

1% Less Work-life balance

5% Less Efficient

Achieving Charlie

Hi! My name is Achieving Charlie. I have capacity and drive and is generally resilient. Still, I could use time off better – evenings, weekends, vacations – to maximise rest and recovery.

Compared to average

10% Lower risk for burnouts

0% Less/more Work-life balance

6% More Efficient

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Bright Robin

Hi! I’m Bright Robin. I give 100%, with a recognition that not being totally successful every single time does not mean that I am an utter failure. Doing your very best is great enough for me.

Compared to average

30% Lower risk for burnouts

18% More Work-life balance

8% More Efficient

*All percentages are to be viewed as statistically verified potential. If you want to understand more about the science behind ambitionprofile.

The Stanford Duck Syndrome

 Imagine a calm duckling gliding across a fountain. Underwater, the duck’s feet are paddling like crazy – against the terrifying truth that it may sink or even worse: be seen as trying too hard. The term “Duck Syndrome” describes persons struggling to survive the pressures of a competitive environment  while presenting the image of being relaxed.

How does your organisation measure up to other companies in the same industry, region or country?

Use ambitionprofile Index to understand how good you are at preventing stress and creating a more sustainable workplace. 

Accurate Alex

Failure avoiding

  • People whose best continued efforts never seem quite enough
  • People that rarely experience personal satisfaction in their work
  • People that in their eyes, they never seem to do things well enough to warrant personal satisfaction
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Bright Robin

Excellence seeking

  • People who care about doing good work
  • People that are skilled at their job
  • People that “derive a very real sense of pleasure from the labors of a painstaking effort.”
3 times more accurate then Big 5 ver 2

3 times more powerful then Big 5

Ambitionprofile is a screening tool that divides high performers into four different personas. Using our personas is a great way of understanding and changing dynamics in a workplace to reduce stress & burnout, increase efficiency and create a more sustainable work environment.

How to reduce stress & burnout in law firms?

We have created a psychometric test that helps HR & Managers to understand individual needs to increase team efficiency by reducing stress and burnout.