Main research objectives

I. To check reliability of new scales 

II. To examine descriptive statistics parameters for all scales used in study and to compare burnout levels with normative values 13 Introduction to survey of Swedish lawyers – 2017 

III. To investigate relationship between demographic characteristics (age, years of experience, number of colleagues, gender, main type of practice, position and geographical area) and scores on all scales 

IV. To investigate relationship between E-mail Stress/Behavior, Leadership, MAAS and other scales used in the study 

V. To examine differences between samples from 2005 and 2016 in terms of scores on all variables used in both studies, as well as in terms of gender differences 

VI. To examine how Quantitative workload, Qualitative workload, Job Satisfaction, Over-commitment, as well as Email Stress/Behavior, Leadership, MAAS, Social support and Organizational Commitment influence burnout (Exhaustion, Cynicism, Professional efficacy), Sleep problems and Work-life balance, after controlling for demographic variables.