Professional services workplaces normally have a high tempo, high stakes, and a competitive environment.


In recent years there is a raise in the number of articles that concern the psychological state, health and wellbeing of lawyers all over the world. From India (Patel, Rajder-

kar & Naik, 2012), Sri Lanka (Samarasekara, Yajid, Khatibi, & Perera, 2015) and Taiwan(Tsai, Huang, & Chan, 2009) through Australia (Chan, Poynton & Bruce, 2014) and the

United Kingdom (Mills, 2010) to the United States of America (Clarke, 2015; Daicoff, 1998) lawyers, psychologist and researchers are trying to raise awareness to issues

related to lawyers’ increased experience of work stress and job dissatisfaction leading to alcohol abuse, depression and suicides.

Stressful workplace