Consequences of burnout

Because burnout affects employees’ ability to cope with work demands and their personal efficacy it also directly affects work outcomes and work quality. It is very important Introduction to survey of Swedish lawyers – 2017 important to note that there is a very broad range of burnout consequences that extend beyond employees’ wellbeing. Burnout also affects organizations and their clients or service recipients; it is related to decreased service quality and has effect on turnover rates, absenteeism, low morale, physiological wellbeing and personal life of employees (Maslach et al., 1996). Maslach et al. (1996) found out that police officers who scored high on Emotional Exhaustion were described by their wives as angry, tense and physically exhausted when returning from work and the officers themselves reported incidents of feeling angry with their wives and children and were more willing to spend time alone than with their families. It was also observed that they were more likely to experience insomnia and to use alcohol to cope with stress. Subjects with higher scores on Emotional Exhaustion and lower scores on Personal Accomplishment felt more dissatisfied with available job development opportunities (Maslach et al., 1996).