Aims of the current study


As mentioned earlier, first results regarding work conditions, stress and burnout level, and health problems of Swedish lawyers were obtained in 2005 (Näsström & Mesick, 2006). The survey consisted of the following 7 scales: Maslach Burnout Inventory – General Survey, Quantitative Workload, Qualitative Workload, Well-Being at Work, Overcommitment, Health Disorders and Sleep Quality. Same scales were also used in the current survey in order to obtain quasi-longitudinal data. That would allow us to compare the data from 2005 and 2016 and to analyze the change in work conditions and stress levels of lawyers that possibly occurred during the last decade. The second goal of this survey was to create a more comprehensive analysis of lawyers’ work conditions and to gain insight into the current psychological state and wellbeing of Swedish lawyers. We were interested in extending the survey in order to assess a greater number of job and work characteristics that could possibly be related to wellbeing and mental health. Because of that we had to include in the survey additional scales. These were the following 5 scales: Organizational Commitment (with three subscales: Organizational Identification, Job Involvement and Organizational Loyalty), Work-Life Balance, Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale, Email Stress/ Behavior Scale, Leadership Skills and Social Support.